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Our SEO Auckland company is where we get you results for your business. SEO or search engine optimisation , is a form of specialist techniques that are designed to increase your website in the online presence we call Google.

We use cutting edge ways of getting your business website ranked high in google so you can enjoy more clients and returns with our seo service specialists.

We are not a typical Seo agency, we work on more personal levels with our clients. We are here to help you improve your organic search results, so Google likes what they see and then we work on factors off page which is where our expertise comes in. We are one step above most SEO companies because we are up to date on new techniques every month. Your search engine results matter to us as the higher you move the more clicks you get.
Our digital marketing agency works with better search engine rankings for New Zealand businesses.

If you wish to have us help you with your local seo with a proven seo strategy and your website showing up on the 1st page and dominating the other businesses in your niche then contacts us now.

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We guarantee 1st page rankings within a set timeframe and depending on your chosen level of budget and competition. 

Our Auckland SEO company helps you get on page 1 of Google which gives you so much more presence in the marketplace. SEO can get you there by using cutting edge techniques that very few seo experts and specialists learn. These days tthe search engines have algorithm updates often so its important to know what those are so you can stay ahead of the curve

With an Seo New Zealand expert we will analyze your website and see what factors are stopping it from being further up the google search engine.

With our seo services a full analysis is then taken out to fix on page factors and a thorough link building process is undertaken using Google friendly techniques to gain more organic traffic.We akkso do content audits. Social media marketing can also play a part. We can also look at those and our company can provide those services also at your request.

Hi There , My name is Paul Foulkes.
I am the owner and founder of New Zealand SEO company called Ezyrank Ezyrank.
I work directly with all our SEO clients and im here to help you right now.
We provide seo services in New Zealand
Feel free to call or Txt me on 64 021 1292607 to get a free quote or just talk about what we can do for your business.

How much do you charge ?

We calculate the cost of each SEO campaign and give our clients the option of paying it off over time

What is the guarantee ?

We can guarantee 1st page results however we will need to do whatever it takes to rank your site and this will have a significant impact on costs. Ranking times for certain niche markets take longer than others and the reality is that shorter ranking times do cost a lot more.

What results can i expect ?

Results are always achievable with the right budget and mindset. Patience is one of the key factors. Higher budgets will always allow us to increase the factors needed for Google to see the authority we build. We can usually guarantee 1st page results in most markets within a set time-frame which is dependent on budgets and competition within your niche.

does ranking take Long ?

It can take anywhere from 3-12 months to rank on page 1 – depending on competition. Some sites have ranked faster than 3 months but this is not often in today’s market. Your competitors will also most likely also be paying for SEO as they see you overtake their rankings, so marketing should be maintained and built on regularly in order to stay on top. We usually say 6-9 months or ongoing maintenance.

Are there any set up fees ?

Yes it can take a long time to set everything up and get you in a place where you are positioned to start full SEO. depending on your contract terms and conditions these set up fees can be waived or reduced significantly. call us and see what we can offer.


Do you have contracts ?

Yes. If we didn't have contracts or expected time frames where we list down what we expect and what you expect in return then it would be a free for all. We usually have a set results driven expectation to suit your budgets. 


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Our SEO company team are here to make sure your progress stays constant, if for any reason there isn't progress uts usually down to algorithm changes to something else. We are always analysing NZ search engines and what's going on to try to keep you ahead of the game. Our seo consultant Auckland service is always providing you with reports to keep you updated or if you prefer email contact we can have a more personable experience as clients. Being an seo specialist takes time to master so we always have expertise on our side to make sure we stay ahead of the game